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How we achieved over 1.7 million views on content across TikTok and Instagram Reels to boost a single release

For this campaign, Independent artist 'Wingman' wanted to create a wide reach by having his song used in multiple pieces of cont mid to macro influencers. The song has a very euphoric sound, which makes it perfect for photography, house tours, travel and feel good content. So he targeted all of these categories on the platform when submitting.

The results?

The content achieved 1.7 million views, 180,411 likes and 1,692 shares from 26 pieces of content! The content was reaching the right communities through photography and skater influencers, creating a wide reach in areas such a Los Angeles and Miami. Most importantly the song has seen a 1,000% increase in streams since before the campaign. This was all achieved from only a £2,000 spend.

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