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Formulating a trend for RAYE - Prada (Acoustic) that went viral and achieved 12M+ views, with major influential creators on the app jumping on board!! 

After achieving amazing success with RAYE - Escapism. (read the case study here), we were super excited to work with RAYE's sounds again! It seems like it was first AND second time lucky, as we once again achieved explosive results and a hugely reactive trend that took off on TikTok, causing massive influencers to take part organically! Here's how we did it...

We know the love that TikTok creators have for RAYE on the app, so we knew a challenge would be a great idea - the format of our challenges allows us to gain a volume of posts from a large number of creators who all resonate with the track. Through launching a challenge, we were able to draw in so many creations on the sound, boosting the UGC to new heights! 📈

Phase 1 - Initial challenge launch

We saw so many creative entries to this challenge, including hype posts for RAYE and the sound, but also this post using the age filter! This post from our wonderful creator gained over 1 million views, out-performing her average engagement significantly! We could already see how this would be a super reactive trend, but we were still surprised by the organic knock-on effect that this had from major influencers on TikTok! 🌟

Molly-Mae jumped on the sound after our challenge, using the age filter and a similar POV to our creator!

Our influencer's post: Posted 17th October

Molly-Mae's post: Posted 28th October (11 days later)

Phase 2 - boosting the trend with a direct phase

The results?

Our second direct phase pushed the trend to be picked up naturally by so many more creators, which led the sound to reach over 15,000 videos (We were at 105 videos on the sound when we initially launched)!

The sound on TikTok is now completely populated with the use of the age filter and POV from our trend!

We wrapped the campaign at 80+ videos, 12M+ views and 15,000+ UGC! Such incredible results with a trend snow-balling on the platform!! 🔥

125+ creations


80+ creations



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