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Creating a custom-made Barbie-related filter to push UGC on Sam Smith's "Man I Am" from the Barbie Soundtrack 💞

After the success of our previous campaigns for the Barbie Soundtrack and seeing filters emerging (read about how we did it here), we decided to create our own custom filter for this campaign!

We designed a "Which Ken are you?" filter with the help of our CapCut creator we have on board our team 🧑‍🎨 With 14 Ken's to generate, we knew this would be an engaging way to get TikTok influencers jumping on the sound.

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 12.46.59.png

The results?

This filter drove the UGC rapidly, with over 1,600 uses in a week! All of these filter videos tagged "Man I Am" as the song, driving more creations and traction towards the song and the movie itself 📈

68 of these 1,600+ videos came from us, as our creators were so excited to jump on board this new Barbie-related filter 💗 We also achieved over 1M views in 48 hours on this challenge!

Filter uses are going up every day, so the momentum on this campaign and movie is definitely not over yet!! 💖


1.8k+ UGC

1M+ views

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