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Launching open brief TikTok and Instagram Reels challenges to reach wide audiences and help 'Rave Out' climb the charts 🕺

Dance songs are always a favourite at Zebr HQ, and 'Rave Out' was no different 🕺 The campaign for Rave Out started back in May, where we began to experiment with the best kinds of content for the song.

Rave content and fashion content were the obvious choices, and these creator spaces responded so well to the song, we decided to push it even further! Multiple open brief challenges followed this, in order to maximise our amount of posts for the budget, until we had pushed this into every content type imaginable ☁


  • TikTok

Some amazing posts from food-related content, art content and makeup content emerged, so we amplified this by targeting similar creators in order to solidify the track's popularity within these content spaces! 972 posts and 39M+ views later, and the TikTok sound is tagged 'Popular'!! 🔥

Instagram Reels

  • Instagram

Off the back of the success on TikTok, the decision was made to drive more creations on Instagram Reels too - an area where we've seen great success taking off recently! (Learn more about our Instagram Reels campaigns from our Mae Stephens and FLO case studies) 
Again, we saw a diverse range of content - from cleaning to food to fitness to couples, our creators couldn't wait to use this sound to fit their own style of content 🎨

The results?

We saw an insane amount of content for this campaign, with our Reels challenge contributing 50 new videos and 1.5M+ new views to our overall stats! The UGC on Instagram doubled after the campaign wrapped - reaching a total of 1,200+ videos on the Instagram sound!

In total, we ended up with over 1,000 videos and 41M+ views on this campaign!! UGC also reached 5,000, with an average of 100 new videos using the sound every day, 2 months after originally launching the campaign 🤯

The incredibly varied range of content we were able to achieve means that the song has consistently been reaching new audiences, helping the song to work it's way up the charts to 25 places higher than it started at 🌟

1000+ creations



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